Finding your passion

Finding your passion

Is life getting in the way of you discovering and pursuing something you’re passionate about?

At the age of 29, Howard Schultz travelled to Italy and discovered the coffee culture which he brought back to the US and called Starbucks.

At 40, Dietrich Mateschitz travelled to Thailand and noticed the tuk-tuk taxi drivers drinking a beverage to stay awake.  After enjoying the taste he and his partner bought the rights of the small company and turned it into a business called Redbull.

At the age of 35, JK Rowling was stuck on a train between Manchester and London and came up with the idea of a seven part novel which she spent the next 5 years writing.

At 23, Steve Jobs went on a seven month pilgrimage to India and later described it as “one of the two or three most important things he’d ever done in his life”.  In 2008 he suggested to Mark Zuckerberg to do an Indian pilgrimage, which he later admitted, “was an important part of our company in the early years”.

At age 37, Elizabeth Gilbert wrote a book on her one-year adventure through India, Indonesia and Italy. The book Eat Pray Love sold 9m copies and was made into a movie which made $204m in box office sales.

At the age of 16, Shahid Khan travelled from Pakistan to the US. Washing dishes in the day and sleeping on the floor at the YMCA at night he built Flex-N-Gate which is worth $30b.

These people are no more smarter or talented than you.  At the time, some had little or no money. What they did that is different is they didn’t let a busy life get in the way of them finding and pursuing their passion.  They observed the world around them and took a chance. Take time to think, ponder and explore your surroundings.

Put the social media down, look up and smile at the person beside you, you’ll never know what might happen next.

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