Three Fits you should focus on in your career

Getting your three fits right

Sure, people leave because they have a poor manager, but is it always the manager’s fault?

Tell me about your industry experience, what is your education? Who have you worked for? What do you know about the industry? Give me an example…

Sound familiar? That’s because 85% of people interview this way. The issue is, it might work for the employer but it doesn’t always work for the candidate.

Candidates are really looking for a work culture that aligns with their personal beliefs.

Most people are motivated by the opportunity to learn and build on their skillset and know that they can make an impact.

There are eight steps in the hiring process to find the best candidate. Most hiring personnel only focus on the first three when making a decision.

  • Technical skills (education and work experience)
  • Discipline awareness (knowledge of the industry)
  • Behavioural (your competencies)
  • Change (appetite and potential)
  • Personal attributes (your cognitive and personality make-up)
  • Career fit (what switches you on?)
  • Culture fit (company, manager and team)
  • Motivational fit (what keeps you coming back?)

For most candidates their focus will be on the last three steps of the process as the determining factors of whether to accept or stay in a role.

The saying, “don’t worry about the salary do what you love and the salary will come” is really about getting your three ‘fits’ right. Realistically, a candidate will be settled in a role if two of their fit factors are met but they will never stay in a job if only one matches their beliefs.

Depending on where the candidate is in their life/career the fits will differ and will change over time. During the interview process it’s imperative that the interviewer expands their questioning to really get to know the candidate. It is equally important that the candidate understand what the role offers, what they are looking for and make decisions that are true to them.

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