Case Study

Bill Rossi - Singapore


Through Career Crossroads, Bill has found a new role aligned with his goals, motivations and cultural preferences.

“ I enjoyed immediate results...!”
Bill Rossi, Singapore
Bill Rossi


Bill had been working for a previous employer for five and a half years when he found himself retrenched after a global restructure within the company. Through the outplacement service provider offered by his employer he discovered Career Crossroads International and chose their services based on their proactive approach to taking candidates to market.


Career Crossroads International performed psychometric testing and reviewed Bill’s past roles in detail and together, with Bill, identified his strengths, career preferences and motivators and clearly outlined the value he could offer to the marketplace.  Working with a psychologist and a copywriter they developed a personalised and tailored marketing material and a multi layered job search strategy and approach to the market.


Bill gained a new role aligned with his goals, motivations and cultural preferences. Since the success of his Career Crossroads International Outplacement Program, Bill has recommended their services to friends and industry contacts. 


‘I have enjoyed working with CCI and was impressed by their friendly and professional manner as well as the expertise in mentoring my career path.  I enjoyed immediate results after they refined and polished my CV and can attest to a 49% increase in my profile views on LinkedIn.’

Bill Rossi – Singapore