Case Study

Stephen Carey - Sydney

From Coaching to Mentoring

After being retrenched, Stephen used Career Crossroads mentoring to get him back on his career path.

“After three years, I continue to remain positive about what I seek to achieve overall for my career”
Stephen Carey, Sydney
Stephen Carey


Stephen had spent his whole career working within the same industry and found himself retrenched due to a slowdown within his industry. He spent a year looking for a new role before deciding he needed help. He found Career Crossroads International via their website and felt their proactive and bespoke coaching and mentoring programs might be what he needed to get him back on his career path.


Career Crossroads International began by understanding Stephen’s career aspirations, preferences and strengths using psychometric testing and a career history review. Career Crossroads International recreated Stephen’s personal marketing material, (cover letter, CV/Resume & LinkedIn profile) coached him on job interviewing and helped him develop a strategy for achieving his career goals. One of the strategies moving forward to enhance his employability Stephen obtained a Master’s degree that was specific to his Industry. During the program Stephen travelled to Singapore and London where Career Crossroads International helped him make professional connections by introducing him to contacts within their network. 


On securing full-time employment Stephen continued his relationship with Career Crossroads International through their mentoring program. He has established his own consulting business, further improving his job security into the future.  


‘I had previously engaged a career mentor after returning from Singapore. However, at a recent transition point in my career, within my industry I needed to source a mentor more relevant to me. In my Google research I came across Michael Boyd at Career Crossroads International.

From my initial consultation, I felt relaxed with Michael’s approach to my situation. I also believed that we were on the same page with what I wanted to do and needed to achieve in my career going forward.

After three years of teaming with Michael, I continue to remain positive about what I seek to achieve overall for my career and have recently broadened my outlook by not just focusing on current and future employment but also establishing my own business.

My career transition is a continuing process as I work together with Michael to create my future career achievements.’

Stephen Carey – Sydney

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