You’ve got 6 seconds to make a statement. You decide...It’s your future.
You’ve got 6 seconds to make a statement. You decide...It’s your future.

What happens after 6 seconds?

Has it been a few years since you have needed your CV/resume? Are you not getting the response from job applications that you thought you would? Your CV/resume might need an overhaul to better highlight what you offer.

Having a CV/Resume that clearly outlines the value you bring to the table is the foundation to your career search.  It is the only time you control what is being said in the hiring process. Therefore, you better be confident that your ‘marketing document’ is consistent and shows the value you offer the market.

On average, an on-line job advertisement receives between 20 to 100 responses.  In today’s job market you are competing with both local candidates and international.  You have six seconds, (read our blog, Does a recruiter or hiring manager review a resume in just six seconds?) to grab the attention of your audience. It is vital that you put your best foot forward.

Our program is fully customised, high touch and delivered in three stages. The emphasis is on spending time with you to truly understand your past, your future goals and what value you bring to the table.  Together with a Psychologist and a Copy Writer we create a bespoke CV/resume and cover page demonstrating the value you bring and removes the risk for your future employer. Once done, we also update your LinkedIn profile that will increase your visibility and showcase you as a prime candidate.

Contact us now or send us a copy of your current CV/Resume to for a confidential no obligation discussion on what you can do to show the ‘value’ you bring to the table.

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