At Career Crossroads International, we are practitioners and we’ve held senior executive roles in a number of Industries/countries that we recruit, mentor and place people in. We are bespoke, working within your parameters using our extensive knowledge and science to get you the best result.

Our reach is international, from Africa to Asia; the USA to Europe; Oman to Bombay. We have the connections, contacts, history and ability to deliver. We are backed by Industry specialists that include Psychologists, Sociologists, Copywriters, Recruiters, HR Specialists, Coaches/Mentors, Immigration Agents and more. We have the right tools to get you to the place you want to be at.

We have developed an Industry-first Soft Skills psychometric assessment tool to assist clients and candidates in finding the right fit. We give back each year by donating 1% of our gross profit to charities.

Please see below an overview of the industries in which we work most commonly. We are also generalists with deep knowledge and experience across most sectors and have a deep history of delivering across all corners of the world with individuals and business on projects of all different sizes. If you don’t see an area that you fit in please make contact and if we can’t help, we will introduce you to a specialist that can.

Retail / FMCG

Bricks and mortar retail are suffering under Covid-19, therefore Demand, S&OP and Sales & Marketing roles are prevalent. On the other hand e-commerce is booming; global e-commerce sales will top US$3.5t in 2020, an increase of 18% from the year before and is expected to double by 2023 to US$6.5t.

Logistics, IT, software, etc are all in demand. Changes in lifestyle majorly drives the growth of the FMCG market. Moreover, increase in global population, growth in awareness of FMCG products, frequent launches of new products and effective advertisement of the FMCG brands are the other factors that boost the growth of the global FMCG market.

The global FMCG market size was valued at US$10b in 2017 and is projected to reach US$15b by 2025. In emerging markets, job growth is across the board in all areas.

CCI’s value – we heavily recruit in this sector across Asia and Oceania with our contacts reaching the major players including Europe & North America.


The US$5t global industry food and agribusiness sector, so vital for feeding the world, continues to grow, fuelled by innovation to meet increasing demand worldwide. Demand for employment is strong across all sectors and will become more sophisticated as years go by as software becomes more prevalent in all areas of the Industry.

CCI’s value – from spending a number of years working within the industry we have built strong relationships across the globe and actively recruit across all areas of the Industry in a number of countries.

Oil & Gas / Mining

O&G (grew 9%) & Mining (grew 6%) continues to be at the forefront in modernising. SaaS, IT and operational roles are always needed in many parts of the world. In a number of areas candidates easily flow between the two sectors and across countries.

CCI’s value – having spent a number of years specialising in these sectors our relationships are relevant in the ‘right’ companies across a number of countries.

Supply Chain

With Covid-19, supply chain has moved from being ‘behind the scenes’ to being a prime driver. As volumes become more variable, supply chains will become more adaptive, large suppliers and logistics operators must prepare for major catastrophic events not only weather events (fires, flood, tsunami) but lethal pandemic outbreaks, strikes, social unrest and associated disruptions.

CCI’s value – having spent 17 years working in the sector in Canada, US and Australia with global experience we are very active and networked in all areas across all sectors.


With the global industrial robotics market projected to exceed US$24b by 2025, this industry sector is generating strong demand for professionals with the right skillsets, ranging from small to medium scale enterprises to multinational corporations.

CCI’s value – We are heavily involved with DC & W/H robotics in regard to candidate attraction and development for a number of companies. We also have strong history assisting Graduates starting their careers in this area.


With Covid-19 most countries have a desire to become more self-sufficient in supplying goods and services that are less susceptible to global shocks. To do this it requires boosting the country’s manufacturing capability and one way to do so would be by embracing new manufacturing methods using automation.

CCI’s value – We have a long history of assisting business in their path to automation. From Analysts through to Project Directors for the suppliers, the consultants and the end customer.

Healthcare / Allied Health

If you are looking for a secure employment you can’t go wrong in heath related roles. With population expected to reach 8.5b by 2030, meeting health needs won’t be easy. Population growth, combined with increased economic power and efforts to expand public health systems, will likely result in higher health spending.

CCI’s value – “Michael is a true advocate for his client – he navigated me through unfamiliar processes in a timely and professional manner. It was clear that he is very knowledgeable and insightful in relation to the labour market and there was never doubt of his commitment.” Laura Burke, Healthcare – Toronto


Always a cornerstone in the services we offer; from CFO, CPO, Analyst, Category Managers, etc. We have delivered roles in building materials, transport, agriculture, heath care, etc.

CCI’s value – “Michael was incisive, confronting and above all honest when he assisted me with my job search. He was a breath of fresh air in the process.” Trevor Wetmore, Finance – Sydney

Advisory / Management Consulting

We have deep relationships with a number of the Big 4 and bespoke specialist firms in a number of countries.

CCI’s value – “Michael’s advice and support on career matters is a smart investment. His search and recruitment network, experience and resources make him an ideal discussion partner and advisor who can make sure you are properly equipped to drive your career forward.” Mark McCarthy, Management Consulting – Sydney

AI / Machine Learning

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) and self-learning systems evolve, experienced professionals to design and manage these powerful systems are vital to their success.

CCI’s value – Extensive experience of identifying available positions with the perfect professional and cultural fit for your next role.


CCI’s value – “I suffered a lot when I arrived in Australia to understand the requirements and culture of the local job market and to find a job that fits my education and experiences until one of my friends advised me to contact CCI for career and personal development services. The CCI Development Team has played a tremendous role in defining not only the corporate culture of Australia but the country as a whole. As a direct result of their continuous efforts, effective training, and strong relationships in the job market, I have been appointed to one of the major international companies in Australia. Being new to the Australian job market, it was helpful to find someone to provide me with guidance and support during this time.” Baher Shqairat, Software – Amman

Aviation / Marine / Rail / Trucking

CCI’s value – “I had the pleasure of meeting Michael through a headhunting process and I can say that I was extremely surprised by the exemplary professionalism, from the first step in which he contacted me, to the regular follow up and the fact that he was very proactive in a given state of play. I have no doubt that he is an example of a professional in an area that in my view is extremely critical. I recommend CCI’s services without any hesitation as I’m sure that it will perfectly handle your next professional challenge.“ Ricardo Batista, Logistics – Lisbon