Outplacement/Career Transition

We take a holistic approach, helping to clarify motivators, stressors and goals for the next step
We take a holistic approach, helping to clarify motivators, stressors and goals for the next step

How a company supports an employee through a redundancy or transition is as important as how they treated that employee through the onboarding process.

Offering assistance shows that the organisation treats their employees with respect, support and empathy. This can reduce litigation, improve the organisations reputation and even identify them as an employer of choice.

At CCI, we offer support to all parties through our Executive Outplacement/Career Transition Program/s.  We are bespoke and our programs are built around our clients needs. We don’t offer workshops, hot desks or ask people to follow a template.

Our approach is based on scientific research and 10+ years of experience and many hundreds of hours providing coaching and career advice to executives.

We apply a pro-active, high touch, holistic approach to help job seekers develop awareness, clarity, balance and take ownership of their career direction. Our approach enables people to define their unique value proposition and with confidence move from the past to the future.

Once direction has been established, we develop the job seeker’s matching documentation, including a professional CV/resume, introduction letter and a customised social media strategy.

We then help the job seeker develop an action plan that effectively identifies and targets networks that will help them on their career path.

Our recruiting and consulting experience across a number of sectors/regions, allows us to offer the job seeker introductions to firms who are a strong fit with their personal attributes, capabilities, interests and experience. While we cannot guarantee employment outcomes we can ensure these introductions are made at the right level, at the right time with the right people. Importantly, we show the job seeker how to enhance their network and gather valuable market intelligence. Currently we have a job success rate of 63% after 3 months and 84% after 6 months and will work with the candidate until they are employed and settled into their new role.

We are confident that our approach provides a personalised process that will add significant value to each job seeker’s future career while minimising risk for all parties. If you are looking for assistance with employees transitioning we are confident our program/s will make a real difference and help them achieve the results all parties are seeking.

Contact us now for a confidential discussion about supporting your senior employees transition from your business.

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