Case Study

Michael Whyte

Through Career Crossroads, Michael re-evaluated his career preferences and discovered new contacts offering an exceptional opportunity.

“Michael Boyd will give freely of his advice—he’s a genuine mentor.”
Michael Whyte
Michael Whyte

Introducing Michael...

Michael Whyte has had a successful career in supply chain management for over 25 years. He had formerly worked within the Australian manufacturing industry and for a leading global consultancy firm. With his exceptional skillset and leadership qualities, Michael Whyte became head of supply chain management for an oil and gas company.

When Michael Whyte started looking for a new role, he knew he wanted another prestigious position with handsome compensation. He was also seeking a good cultural fit; a company with a collegial atmosphere and a team stimulated by their work.

Enter Career Crossroads

Initially, Michael Whyte engaged several employment agencies for job placement support. He was presented with several possible roles but didn’t find the right fit and was told that the job market was not in his favour. He then turned to Career Crossroads International for help.

Using strategic profiling tools and in depth discussions Career Crossroads International helped Michael identify his career preferences and clarify what his ideal position might look like. Through the mentoring process, Michael Whyte discovered that he had really enjoyed a past role in consulting. He had gained important skills and leadership qualities as a consultant and realised a return to consulting could open up new and rewarding opportunities. Through the process, Michael was presented his personal marketing package, including a professionally written CV/Resume, cover letter and an updated LinkedIn profile.

Michael was introduced to a boutique global consultancy firm in the supply chain industry. After his first meeting, it was clear there was a great cultural fit and match between the skills and personal attributes. Michael was offered a challenging and rewarding position as an independent contractor. The package received was higher that what he left behind.

Michael's Achievements

Michael and his family have moved to Vietnam for his new role. He is enjoying his career again and the financial benefits that come with that.  Accommodation and schooling are provided as part of his ex pat package.  Michael and his family are thrilled about their new lifestyle and cultural exchange in Vietnam.

Having worked with other employment services in the past, Michael has found coaching with Career Crossroads International truly valuable. As Michael Whyte says ‘Michael Boyd was not just a career specialist but a genuine mentor, offering trustworthy advice.’  They continue their professional relationship they are in contact on a monthly basis to discuss job progress and ongoing job satisfaction.

“Career Crossroads International introduced Michael to new contacts offering an exceptional professional opportunity.”