Case Study

Paul Richard

Through Career Crossroads, Paul was able to ensure a smooth settling in over the first year of employment.

“We had challenging recruitment needs and needed a true partner”
Paul Richard
Paul Richard

The Challenge

Paul is the CEO of a skin cancer clinic in Sydney. His practice provides exceptional services using the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technologies. Paul needed to recruit a number of roles including specialist doctors and pathologists who could deliver on the clinic’s high standard of service. Paul initially attempted conventional hiring methods, advertising for his specialist roles through popular online channels. When he realised he was not attracting the quality candidates he needed he reached out to Career Crossroads International and engaged their talent management consulting service and targeted approach to sourcing quality staff.

Enter Career Crossroads International

From the outset, Michael effectively became part of Paul’s internal HR team. Michael commenced a bespoke program that matched the business needs and budgets. The program commenced by gaining a thorough understanding of the business’s requirements, composing detailed position descriptions of the complex roles. Developed a multi strategic approach that was implemented which included market mapping and competitor analysis. Using a number of tools including his networks they were able to identify and source top talent.

With the recruitment strategy in place, individuals were approached discreetly about the possibility of a new role.  Quickly vetting candidates for technical skills, discipline awareness and behavioural competencies Career Crossroads International dove deeper to get a better understanding of the applicant’s motivation and fit.  This included understanding the candidate’s appetite for change and their personality and cognitive make-up. Prior to presenting the short list time was spent with each ‘suitable’ candidates on their motivators to ensure the company was a good culture fit, motivation fit and career fit for the candidate.

With the selected quality candidates put forward, Career Crossroads International kept the candidates informed and engaged throughout the hiring process.  They minimised the risk of candidate drop-offs and managing those who were not successful so they would depart with having a positive experience.

Once interviews were complete and selections were made, Career Crossroads International managed the proceeding stages of hiring and on boarding. He ensured a smooth progress throughout offers and negotiations and monitored new hires as they transitioned into their new roles, providing a critical service aimed at improving new hire retention.

What Paul Achieved

Career Crossroads International talent management consulting assisted the business to hire top talent, fulfilling the business’ talent requirements. With a strategic and targeted approach, Paul was able to hire specialist staff faster and more efficiently. Career Crossroads International’s services resulted in overall savings in terms of time and resources with an improved retention rate.

“Career Crossroads International helped Paul employ more people faster, delivering resource and cost savings to the business.”