Don't Quit - Do It

Look before you leap into the Great Resignation

Australian businesses may face a great wave of post-pandemic resignations in coming months following the trend in North America and Europe, where millions of employees, from entry level to the executive C-suite are quitting their jobs for new opportunities. Dubbed

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Matthew Newton, Toronto

Matthew Newton – Education – Toronto, Canada

Testimonial “CCI provided great advice and sound industry knowledge! They gave me some great pointers to change my resume and I got an offer of employment within a week!” Matthew Newton Education – Toronto, Canada More Testimonials

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Salman Hatimali – Education – Sydney, Australia

Testimonial “Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation. It was exceptionally informative and did world of good to the students who attended. The feedback at the conclusion was quite positive and students enjoyed the way you steered the session.”Salman

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Catherine Ng – Education – Beijing, China

Testimonial “我很荣幸与国际十字路的迈克尔·博伊德合作。迈克尔真的很专业,他能通过一个有着很良好结构的一对一课程提供完美的事业前景建议和指导。 我和迈克尔工作很愉快,他有着专业的职业生涯辅导和指导专业经验,就业市场的洞察力和雇主工作关系网。 我强烈推荐迈克尔给那些需要开始寻找一下一个职业生涯或规划未来就业机会的人 吴绮玲”Catherine Ng Education – Beijing, China “It has been a great pleasure to work with CCI. The team are true professionals who are able to provide excellent career advice and guidance through a well‑structured one-on-one program/s.

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