“去年我正在唸書和找工作同時,參加了學校辦的一個職涯講座,而講者Michael Boyd教導大家使用社交網站像LinkedIn及如何在網站上讓自己更突出。我聽從Michael的建議重新修改了我的履歷,結果不到三個月,有公司開始主動聯絡我去面試,並順利的在一個月內得到了一份待遇相當好的全職工作。從那時開始,我就一直和Michael保持聯絡,不時和Michael請教一些職涯發展上的疑問”

Daphne Lin

Finance – Taipei, Taiwan

“Last year I was studying and looking for a job. I attended a career seminar organized by the school. The speaker Michael Boyd taught you how to use social networking sites like LinkedIn and how to make yourself more prominent on the site. I followed Michael’s suggestion and revised my resume. Less than three months later a company started to contact me for an interview, and I successfully got a pretty good full-time job within a month. Since then, I have been in contact with Michael, and ask Michael from time to time about career development questions.”