Case Study

Trish Hyde

Mentoring: Corporate Career to Entrepreneur

Through Career Crossroads mentoring, Trish discovered a surprising career path that gives her the challenges and rewards she craves.

“A whole new world has opened up!”
Trish Hyde
Trish Hyde
CEO & Entrepreneur

Introducing Trish...

A marketer by training, Trish has spent time in the corporate world and has managed various organisations. She was the CEO for a confectionery company, a manufacturing association and later for a professional membership association.  She then, became the CEO for a leading industry association. There she managed an astounding transformation which saved the business.

After her impressive achievements, Trish was looking for a fresh direction. She thought she wanted another CEO role but she also wanted to pave a new path that was both inspiring and fulfilling. She was at a crossroads, with a real need to unearth her drivers and her values.

Enter Career Crossroads International

Trish met Michael from Career Crossroads for what was supposed to be an hour-long chat. This initial discussion proved to be so useful that it grew into three hours. Michael made Trish think a lot, gave her ideas and challenged what she thought she knew about herself.

Trish saw the value that Career Crossroads could offer and entered a mentoring program. Michael used strategic methods to uncover Trish’s past, current and future objectives. Through Michael’s guidance, Trish got to the core of what she wanted to do. A surprising discovery revealed that she did not want another membership organisation CEO role as she had previously thought. Instead, deep discussions and analysis revealed an entrepreneurial streak and a passion for corporate sustainability that would change her outlook on what a truly gratifying career could look like.

Within 6 months, Trish realised her passion for business and the ‘new’ circular economy could become a cornerstone for her future career. Initially Michael assisted Trish in recreating her CV and personal marketing package to reflect her values and align with her new purpose. Michael’s mentoring and introductions to network contacts helped Trish to break out from her traditional career path and take the steps into the unknown, helping turn her goals into reality. Michael continues to be a trusted advisor.

Trish's Achievements

Today, Trish is an internationally recognised plastics circular economy thought-leader, holding high-level business forums in Sydney, Malaysia, Fiji and Amsterdam. She advises the UN on AsiaPac plastics circular economy and is a regular keynote presenter in the region. She finds working at a global level rewarding and exciting.

Trish is also an entrepreneur. She is the Founder and CEO of PlastX and The Plastics Circle. The Plastics Circle is a mix between ideas incubator and advisory – launching PlastX in 2018 and with a new product about to enter the market. PlastX is a start-up tech company helping businesses in Asia get Conscious Plastic to fulfil their commercial and responsibility needs. Thanks to the innovation and potential of her concept, The Plastics Circle was selected into a prestigious accelerator program. Michael remains a sounding board for Trish’s ideas moving forward.

Since she began mentoring services with Career Crossroads, Trish has broken free of the parameters she thought defined her career, and paved a new path for herself that, while challenging, is more rewarding and fulfilling.

“She finds her new global influence exciting and rewarding.”